31 March 2013

a meal revisited

Chicken cooking on the spit
Hellenic Republic on Urbanspoon

Welcome to my new look blog!  We are already at the end of the third month of 2013 and my first post of the year is a very tardy one.  There are no excuses other than the lack of the one thing we as humans can never get back, nor get more of….time.  I am continually inspired by food with so many ideas floating around in my head that only time will allow me to share my passion with you.  However, I have decided for my first post of the year to revisit the very place that finally convinced me to create this blog and that is Hellenic Republic.  My main reason is due to the lack of eye candy I was able to provide from what I will confess is my favourite Melbourne restaurant.  So here is the photo story of the simple and delicious cuisine at Hellenic Republic…

Tzatziki - my all time favourite dip!
Taramasalata, white cod roe dip - smooth and delicious
Tyri Saganaki, Kefalogravia cheese with peppered figs - a  must have when dining here
Arni Sto Fourno - Slow roasted shoulder of lamb, garlic, oregano - perfectly tender
Mary's Moussaka - comforting, creamy and full of flavour

Baklava Yianniotiko
Bougasta, semolina custard pie with filo pastry

There you have it, some of the delicious dishes available at this very popular Melbourne restaurant - bookings recommended.  For more descriptions, please click here to revisit my post back in October 2011. I absolutely love food from this part of the world and was so happy to discover that Hellenic Republic offers Souvlaki/Gyros - the juicy lamb or chicken or both, wrapped in pita bread complete with chips for takeaway for only $14.50.  They are absolutely delicious as an easy and simple takeaway dinner however admittedly, I still dream of the gyros in Greece.


  1. Great to see you back on the blog. Since you stopped writing I've been very slack with my cooking. Yep, time, I need more of it. Cooking usually takes most of mine and it's not even for dishes such as those you mentioned.
    Now that you are back, I'm inspired to put more effort for next week meals. First on the list would be the Moussaka.

  2. Always good to visit an old friend. You know the food is going to great and you love everything about it. Good to see you back to writing in your blog.